March 2017

Some concerns that CETA could put in jeopardy Genovese Pesto. A French musicians proudly sings his passion for Pesto. British tourists discover Genovese traditions. BBC promotes its new TV show with some lines dedicated to Pesto while Grey’s Anatomy dismays for a certainly industrial Pesto.

February was dominated by harsh controversies about the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA): a frontiers liberalization that makes someone fear the arrival of many cheap imitations in order to threaten Ligurian food excellences market. Among these, our Pesto.

Directly from France, Docteur Pesto makes love for the Genovese sauce his emblem, becoming viral on the web with his ironic and fascinating videos. A real passion that is spreading on Social Networks.

Among the many Genova guides that are published every day on the web, we chose this short yet precise reportage on those experiences you can do to discover the true heart of Genova, by the prestigious Travel Blog “A Luxury Travel Blog”. A good meal with home-made fresh pasta and handcrafted Pesto couldn’t miss on the list among the emotion you have to taste while you are visiting Genova.

He doesn’t know what Pesto is”. This is the opening slogan of promotional sketches of the new British TV Show “This Country”, a sit-com produced by BBC Three (British public service broadcaster) that explores how the youths live in the more rural district in United Kingdom, off the grid.

Always talking about TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy provokes many reactions on the web my its fans because of a scene in which it is shown a sauce that, at first sight, has very little to do with the true Genovese Pesto. Probably the American audience didn’t notice this detail, but it couldn’t slip past who knows well our Pesto unnoticed.

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