Liguria presents @EXPO two important initiatives dedicated to Pesto Genovese.

The first one regarding the enhancement and protection of the ancient social and cultural values linked to the preparation of Genoese Pesto with mortar and pestle.By September, all documents for Unesco application will be delivered to the Italian National Commission for UNESCO in order to propose the old way of producing Genoese Pesto with mortar and pestle as intangible cultural humanity heritage. Application documents have been prepared by the Cultural Association of Palatifini, on behalf of the Region of Liguria, Genoa City Council and Chamber of Commerce. The initiative is supported by hundreds of public and private institutions, local municipalities, cultural associations, economic institutions, schools and national and international organizations too.

The second one to support the economic development of the food industry and tourism in Liguria. The consumption of Pesto is growing all over the world, within a vision that looks at quality of life, health and goodness of the Mediterranean Diet and the ductility of the use of pesto in cuisine. This fact generated in Ligurian Pesto producers the awareness of a new way of being as a territory and as a quality production. On this basis, in collaboration with business Associations, the new Union of Producers of Genoese Pesto has been founded.

The two initiatives will be presented at EXPO for the Week of Liguria, the appointment is Friday, September 11 from 14.30 to 16.30 at the Conference Room of the Italian Pavilion. The conference is the occasion to illustrate the issues of universal interest of Ligurian social tradition and food, to see videos, and to attend a practical Pesto demonstration.  There will be experts and representatives of institutions.