Sergio Muto is the winner of the fourth edition of the Genoa Pesto World Championship! He’s 58 years old, born in Cosenza (Calabria, Italy) and living in Germany since 1976 where he manages a delicatessen. After winning a Pesto preliminary competition in Stuttgart in 2008, for several years  he has specialized in the mortar made pesto,  so he actually gives courses on that in Germany.

The other finalist in addition to Sergio Muto are:  Massimo Tosetti (businessman from Genoa), Roberto Mercati (communication consultant from Lecco), Luca Bernava (IT expert from Genoa), Elin Kvamme (the Norwegian champion came from Bergen), Alexandre Gleich (consultant from Lyon), Gennady Gabrielan (entrepreneur in Moscow), Massimiliano Cresta (nuclear physicist from Genoa), Gian Maria Valle (doctor from Genoa), and Daniela Dau (young Genovese pediatrician).

The Championship was held in an atmosphere of great emotional and competitive participation, accompanied by the most famous and beloved voice of football, the journalist Bruno Pizzul. There were more than 2,000 people, including competitors, judges and guests. Important international presence, the countries represented were: Argentina, United States, Canada, Russia, Great Britain, France, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belgium and Japan.

The competitor coming from further arrived from Buenos Aires, the closest coming from via dei Macelli di Soziglia, an alley in the Genoa historical center.

Also the jury was an international one thanks to the presence of  gastronome experts coming from England, French and Norway.  The jury evaluated the 100 mortar made Pesto prepared in the morning and they chose the winner among the 10 finalists Pesto prepared in the afternoon.

See the beautiful pictures by Andrea Leoni on La Repubblica