November 2016 – In November, the usual World Web Analysis on Pesto, conducted by Monitoring Emotion for the Cultural Association Palatifini, has highlighted some facts that are interesting and curious at the same time.

The first interesting fact is referred to the payoff “Pesto alla Genovese”, used ironically by the most important Italian sport-related newspaper “Gazzetta dello sport” as a comment about the historic victory of Genoa (football club of the city) on Juventus, Italian leading team. Relaunched in all social networks, this news has generated a top trend that you can see in the buzz feed of 27 and 28 November.

Another fact that has attracted a lot of curiosity is the problem of off-season conservation for the basil pesto. Dry it or freeze it? An American article, linked 230 times round the web by several online magazines with hundreds of thousands views, offers the final suggestion: chop it, mix it with oil and then freeze it. From the States comes another bizarre news: the widespread information in the web of Washington newest Fast Food where the traditional Pesto Genovese basil is added with other ingredients, some of them are disconcerting as cauliflower, pumpkin, roasted roots, hot lemon and fried noodles.

The last topic concerns influencers: those persons or organizations causing internet trends with the viral spread of their posts. In November, the second place after Genoa F.C., is held by Roberto Panizza (president of the Association but also entrepreneur in the food sector) tweeting about his “Genoa Pesto Chips”, innovative chips with pesto taste, defined “… even good!”. The message, with various comments, was retweeted and widespread by hundreds of fans.