February 2017

Changes in consumption patterns of Pesto Genovese in the world. An artisan company from Genoa conquers the media through Nuremberg. A contest on bavette, as known as trenette. A blog of irreducible Granny conquers the web with “O Minestron”, a poetry in Genoese language by Edoardo Firpo.


The most interesting news is on the evolution of consumption that involves the use of our typical green sauce. In January (see chart of the month) there are a number of peaks due to the emergence of the social photo-specific bulletin boards on dishes and recipes involving Pesto in Pinterest Social Network. The use on pasta prevails in Italy but in the rest of the world is emerging the use of Pesto Genovese sauce as ideal accompaniment to other dishes, primarily meat and fish.

The second news is the primacy into the web of a Ligurian artisan company (in October it had set up a small Apulian firm) due to the revival in the websites and blogs of its lines of organic products including Pesto Genovese at the Nuremberg fair, a leading appointment in the sector of the European Biological productions.

The Genoese Pesto emerged indirectly from Barilla contest, #storiedipasta, which, with a picture on Facebook, asking users if they knew which city gave birth to “bavette” Pasta (for the Ligurian “trenette”). Of 2000 contacts, 1600 responded Genoa. Of these the majority argued that it was necessarily the right answer since typically accompanied by Pesto sauce.

The latest gem concerns a real curiosity and that is the unexpected protagonism in the web of a very special blog, that present contects in double language both Italian and Genoese, followed mainly by diehard romantic elderly, which re-launched with enthusiasm a poem by Edoardo Firpo “O Minestron” that was taken up and shared by many Ligurian.


The graph shows the sentiment of January.

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