Liguria was been one of the protagonists at the Salone del Gusto in Turin Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto of Turin (from 20 to 24 September) and the presence of a delegation of Ligurian companies couldn’t miss, always oriented towards a quality agricultural production.

A presence that Ligurian quantitatively smaller than other regions intervened in mass, but qualitatively of great value.

The pesto together with the taggiasca olive, with EVO oil and derivatives, have played a major role, attracting many visitors to the stands.

During the event, which is the largest international event dedicated to food and organized every two years by Slow Food in the Piedmontese city, tastings, tastings and illustrative materials have allowed visitors to the Lingotto to know the typical food and wine products of our region.

The demonstration of Pesto at the Mortar was very successful in front of an international audience that participated actively and with great enthusiasm in making of pesto with our President Roberto Panizza.