On the occasion of Sanremo Festival, Carlo Denei, a Genoese cabaret artist and singer from the historic “Cavalli Marci” group, starts from the city of Genoa his journey through Liguria to reach Sanremo, carrying a bunch of Genoese DOP basil and a small marble mortar in his backpack.

The journey of Denei will start tomorrow, Saturday 3 February, at 2.30 pm from Piazza De Ferrari.
To deliver mortar and basil will be present Paola Bordilli, Councilor for Tourism, Commerce and Crafts of the City of Genoa and Roberto Panizza, president of the Cultural Association Palatifini (organizer of the Genoa Pesto World Championship).

The initiative anticipates a few weeks and promotes the 7th edition of the Pesto Genovese World Championship at the Mortar, the international event that the city will host next March 17, with 100 competitors coming from all over the world who will compete with marble mortar and wooden pestle in the preparation of the best Pesto in the world!