Seventh Genoa Pesto World Championship

Saturday, March 17 Genoa will host the seventh edition of the World Championship of Pesto Genovese at the Mortar with its senior competition of the 100 competitors (55 Ligurians, 25 Italians non-Ligurian, 20 foreigners). All professions are represented: employees and entrepreneurs, professors and students, housewives, chefs, journalists, bloggers, pensioners and professionals, farmers, pharmacists, surveyors, managers of bars and restaurants, doctors and computer technicians, two unemployed, two PhD candidates, two AMT drivers and a diver. They have an average age of 49 years. The youngest is a Genoese student of 18 years, the oldest competitor comes from Davagna and he is 84 years old followed by a Scottish competitor of 72. They will be evaluated by 30 judges, including chefs, tasters, experts and food & wine journalists.

The event is open to the public and this year is connected with the “Week of Pesto”, organized by the Liguria Region in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce and the Ligurian Municipalities, which includes various initiatives: in 100 squares of the Liguria everyone will be doing pesto together and it will be possible to sign the petition in favor of the UNESCO application (“Firma e Pesta”!). Thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa, the day of the Championship becomes world day of Pesto with the social campign #WorldPestoDay!

In addition, the Children’s Championship, the small Coro Lollipop, the plaque of ‘A Compagna, the exhibition “Ancient mortars of the Genoese families”, the postmark of the World Championship, the information corners of the Consortium of the Genoese Basil DOP, the Consortium of ‘Extravergine Olive Oil of the Ligurian Riviera PDO, the Cooperative of Aglio(garlic) of Vessalico, the Slow Food Presidium of Liguria, the consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, the Pesto Week of Ligurian Restaurateurs, the competition “Vetrine in gara”, the Pesto Talk, the visit of the historic center with “A day as a craftsman” and the “Pesto Last Minute”, Friday afternoon from 3 pm at the transparency hall of the Liguria Region.


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