Aitor Basterra, Spanish cooking expert, is the winner of the penultimate preliminary competition before the Pesto Genoa World Championship to be held in Palazzo Ducale April 16th.

The competition was very well received by the participants who performed willingly in the preparation of Pesto.

The second place went to his collegue Alberto Lopez De Ipiña while third place went to Samira Zgheib from Lebanon who prepared pesto for the first time.

The other participants were: Gunnar Nagell Dahll (Norway), Carmel Mhanna (Lebanon), Laetitia Ducros Stéphanie Progrebnoi (France), Michael Singleton (Belgium), Rafa Gimena and Antonio Rubies (Spain).

The jury was composed by Roberto Panizza, Mauro Cavallero, Gianni Arimondo and Stefania Toro.

The competition which was held at the First Genoa International Experiential Meeting on the use of Mortars and pestles in Food Cultures, has well represented the message that has been the backdrop to the meeting: food combining, both in its preparation with the use of mortar and pestle, both in its consumption.

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