Emilio Caprile Trucchi is the winner of the preliminary competition that took place Saturday, June  4th in Madrid, during the event Passione Italia organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Spain.

The jury’s choice was difficult for announcing the best Pesto prepared, eventually prevailed the one prepared by the Italian Spanish Emilio Caprile Trucchi, Ligurian by mother and brother of the Stylist Lorenzo Caprile, well-known in Spain to dress the royal family and for designing the bags and the most popular luggage “Infanta” of Spain.

After great celebrations, opened by our Ambassador in Madrid with the anthem of Itala, sung by talented tenors and baritones, the day ended, accompanied by countless music and Italian songs, with a pesto pasta tasting “Rossi” expertly prepared by Chef Manfredi Bosco. Great audience participation and great satisfaction of the President of CCIS in Madrid and its General Secretary.

The cooking demonstrations and Pesto tasting prepared with ingredients sourced from the area continued the next day at the restaurant “Fürle” c / Velazquez, 102 (www.furle.es) where the owners Felix Iturriaga and Marzio Gandini Matteucci with the help of Chef Marco Grassi and Michele Penso, handmade pasta manufacturer, have “delighted” the participants and Palatifini delegation. Countless the number of journalists and food experts, such as Photojornalist of Gastronomy Pedro Grifol already competitor at the second edition of the Genoa Pesto World Championship.

Emilio will have the opportunity to compete with other 99  participants to the Genoa Pesto World Championship in Genoa in 2018!

Here the photo gallery of the event.