Sestri Levante Pesto Champion is Franco Minghelli, from Genova! This preliminary challenge was on Saturday, 25 February, in the beautiful former Convento dell’Annunziata in Sestri Levante, on the wonderful Bay of Silence, during Meeting Suisse, an event dedicated to turistic promotion of Liguria with prestigious international tour operators from Switzerland and the Northern and Eastern Europe.

Among the partecipants there were some local restaurateurs, some Ligurian turistic agents and some event hosts from Milano. The panel of judges was composed by Valeria Rebasti, Volotea Commercial Manager, Chiara Rosatelli, Scuola Alberghiera “Città di Lavagna” Headmaster, Elena Di Tondo, Guida Viaggi srl Sales & Marketing Manager, and Alberto De Grandi, C-Way Incoming Liguria general director; also Roberto Panizza and Sergio Di Paolo, Palatifini Cultural Association.

We all congratulate Franco on his victory, that makes him a participant of the VII World Pesto Championship (17 March 2018), and all the other challengers. The panel of judges pointed out the three youngest participants, Michele Spalletti, Francesco Alemagna e Vittorio DeCarolis: all of them are students from Milano who, despite they didn’t know the recipe of Genoese Pesto tradition, competed seriously and bravura, impressing our jury.

We sincerely thank Sestri Levante municipality.