Precisely in a month, on Friday, 7 April, Genova will host the II° International Meeting “Mortars & Pestles in Food Cultures” organised by Palatifini Cultural Association.

This year, the event aims to link the utilization of mortar to the development of the basic alimentary habits, like pasta, for example, for which Liguria is proud of a knowledge dated back to the Middle Ages.

The convention, that will see the participation of important representatives for local and national institutions and international experts, will also host an exhibition of ancient family mortars. All the Genoese citizens and all the friends of Palatifini Cultural Association are invited to bring their mortar, that will be exposed in the hall of the Palazzo della Borsa, the former Stock-Exchange Building (for more infos contact

The Meeting is part of the activities of in-depth examination of social and alimentary tradition proper of Ligurian community and of all those populations who have in common the use of mortar for their culinary excellences and social habits.

Save the date: 7 April 9,00 a.m. in via XX Settembre 44, Genova (Palazzo della Borsa). We’ll update soon more infos and the complete Meeting schedule.