The Association Palatifini starts today an information service specialized on Pesto in collaboration with Monitoring Emotion, which analyzes all information (web, social, press and blogs) regarding economic and cultural nature of Genoese Pesto.

Worldwide – last month – only 15% of the content that speaks about Pesto with basil is connected with Genoa and Liguria and they speak mostly in English.

The moment of greatest peak was on August 29 when the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, on a visit to the architect Renzo Piano, ate “trenette al pesto” (this curiosity has gone around the world!). The other two points are: the Salone del Gusto in Turin, where we held a Pesto preliminary competition for the next World Championship, and the echo of the interview in the American media of James D. Bowien, Genoa Pesto World Champion 2008, today one of the emerging chefs in North America. James presented the recipe for Pesto along with Genoa and the Championship.

The graph shows the relationship in the web, over the past 30 days, between the Genoese Pesto connected to the city (purple line) and total buzz about Pesto with the basil (blue line).