Tuesday, March 5, a meeting with the Minister of Agricultural Policies and Tourism Gian Marco Centinaio took place at Terrazza Colombo, which experimented with the mortar and with the preparation of the Genoese Pesto before answering the questions of Maurizio Rossi, Primocanale publisher and of the operators of the interested sectors involved by the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa.

In addition to talking about issues related to tourism and agricultural products of our country during the meeting was also talked about Pesto, the creator of the World Championship Roberto Panizza has relaunched the battle for Unesco recognition for Pesto as an intangible heritage of Humanity. “It’s an insidious and complicated journey, the prosecco friends know something about it, but we have to believe it, pesto deserves it because it’s a product of great quality. Maybe I will not be the Minister to see the end of the path, but it is right to move forward “.