If nowadays tomato sauce is the most used pasta condiment in the world, beyond doubt the first garnish was the medieval “agliata” (a garlic sauce) that lately became Genovese Pesto, strictly produced with mortar and pestle in Liguria until the last mid-century, when there was the first great technological revolution of utensils in the Italian kitchens.

The union between Pesto and Pasta is ancient and around it we can rediscover cultural traditions, social values, authentic tastes and the first steps of food itineraries, not only in Italy. After having been born as a result of several cultural contaminations in the Ninth Century, Pasta is one of the greatest inventions of humanity and Liguria gave a great contribute in its industrialization and diffusion in all the Italian peninsula and in the world as then known since the Twelfth Century.

An important tale for experts and aficionados, that has to touch also the Ligurian and Italian migratory processes – the principal cause of Pasta (and Pesto) diffusion in the USA and in Southern America countries starting from the late Nineteenth Century – and that will be one of the topic in the International Meeting “Mortars And Pestles” on April 7.

Within the next week the complete program will be published with all the speeches and the livecooking experiences: stay tuned on our website and on our social networks.