Three international chefs were guests in the Ligurian capital, where they tried their hand at preparing pesto and focaccia: from Thursday 14th to Sunday 18th November, three of the most famous Italian chefs in America, residing in New York and New Jersey, were in Genoa to learn the secrets of the Genoese food excellences and therefore promote them in the USA, also thanks to the television footage made real during their stay in the city. Roberto Caporuscio, Angelo Competiello and Cesare Casella visited the Prà greenhouses, the new MOG (Genoa Eastern Market) where the president of the Genoese bakers’ association taught them the secrets of the preparation of the Genoese focaccia.

“Genoese cuisine is a cuisine of history of Italian culture” explains Cesare Casella, originally from Lucca, honorary president of the Italian chef New York. On Friday afternoon, at Palazzo Tursi, they received from the municipal administration the “Ambasciatori del gusto” parchment before moving to the historic kitchens of Palazzo Spinola where they participated in a demonstration of mortar pesto curated by Gianni Arimondo of the Palatifini Association, organizer of the Genova Pesto World Championship.

“The idea of ​​this collaboration was born and took shape during the visit to New York of the Genoese delegation for Columbus Day – declares the councilor for economic development and territorial marketing Laura Gaggero – We found a strong interest in everything that it concerns the Italian culture of eating well, and Ligurian cuisine lends itself very well to being the meeting point between tradition and innovation, which is what the three chefs of our guests express. We really like their smart and nice way of using media, especially social media, to make Italian cuisine known”.

The goal is to promote the promotion of Genoese food products in the United States.