This morning took place the press conference for the official launch of the Sixth Genoa Pesto World Championship that will be held Saturday, April 16th at Palazzo Ducale!

Here is the Press Release!

100 finalists are men 59% and women 41% and have an average age of 48 years. The youngest are two 18years who live thousands of kilometers away from each other, in Bergen in Norway and in Genoa, but they share the same studies and the same passion, to become chefs. The two older competitors are two ladies a Genoese and the other in Milan. All professions are represented, for the first time we find a director, a florist, and a simultaneous translator. The closest competitors are from macelli di Soziglia, via del Molo and Via San Vincenzo, the Italian competitor who comes from further away is a lady from Palermo. Among the 22 foreign the furthest come from New Zealand, from Honolulu and Japan and also from Togo through a preliminary competition organized at EXPO. The jury consists of 30 people selected by experience, culture, expertise and activism in the world of food and territorial communication. There are 13 side events, from the Children’s Championship to ADI International Competition for a new design of mortars. Particularly important is the participation of the great Ligurian food consortiums with the organization of short wine (AIS) and oil tasting seminars. Another excellent initiative, in the evening is the Pesto Party with the participation of Genoa Liguria Gourmet restaurant owners and producers associated in Artigiani in Liguria.

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